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All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

Proaim Wall Spreader

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SKU : WS-284-00

Mobile Rigging System for Lights & Camera Production Gear!

Perfect Asset even if You’re Changing Sets Often. Safe, Fast & Easy to Use.

Proaim Wall Spreader

Telescopic System withstands Heavy Loads up to 70kg. No Drilling/Damage to Walls/Pillars.

The Proaim Wall Spreader is a Telescopic Spanning System which is able to withstand heavy loads. It’s a Wall Rigging System for use in vertical, horizontal and diagonal positions. Wall Spreader is a perfect tool on sets where fixing equipment on floor is either not allowed or not possible. The mounting is very quick and easy, without damaging the walls or pillars. By bridging the Spreader between two solid walls, the Telescopic Poles form an arch. This arch points upward (similar to a bridge), allowing it to take extensive loads, e.g. lighting fixtures, 3-Axis gimbals, camera sliders, rigging equipment, etc., up to maximum 70kg/154lb at 6.1m/20ft length.
So, if your space on set is limited (for example stairwell), you can bring your shooting equipment exactly to the position you prefer!

Proaim Wall Spreader


Flexible for Every Requirement - From Limited Space to Wide Wall Distances up to 20ft.

Proaim Wall Spreader set contains 2 different lengths of Telescopic Poles 6ft & 4ft. The Wall Spreader supports length up to 6.1meters / 20feet.

Proaim Wall Spreader

Tightening Element

Easy mounting, without damaging, is made sure by rotating the screw of the tightening element, thus ensuring a tight fit.

Proaim Wall Spreader

Double Clamping Ring

Set it up into any direction you need with the Double Clamping Ring.

Proaim Wall Spreader

Clamping Ring with Euro Adapter

You can have endless mounting possibilities by the included Clamping Ring with Euro Adapter.

See how the Proaim Wall Spreader Works



  High Grade CNC Aluminum

Outer Diameter of main rod


Inner Diameter of main rod


Outer Diameter of Telescopic rod


Inner Diameter of Telescopic rod


Load Capacity on 20ft / 6.1mtr (Frame Structure)

  70kg / 154lb

Load Capacity on 15ft / 4.5mtr (Frame Structure)

  70kg / 154lb

Load Capacity on 6ft / 4mtr (Single Rod)

  10kg / 22lb

Flight Case Dimensions

  92 x 53 x 53cm

Flight Case Weight

  57kg / 126lb

Bag Packing Dimensions

  220 x 28 x 25cm

Bag Packing Weight

  30.8kg / 67.9lb

In the Box

4 x 6ft Telescopic Poles  
2 x 4ft Telescopic Poles
6 x Clamping Rings
1 x Euro Adapter
4 x Buffers
4 x Plastic Tubes
4 x Double Clamping Rings
2 x Extension Tubes
8 x Tightening Elements
Flight Case with Custom Fit Bag Packing

User Manual

Various Wall Spreader set ups can be achieved – for example:

Proaim Wall Spreader
Proaim Wall Spreader
Proaim Wall Spreader


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  • What is the load capacity of the Proaim Wall Spreader?

    The load capacity of the Proaim Wall Spreader varies at different heights.
    Here are the details --
    On 20ft / 6.1mtr and 15ft / 4.5mtr:  70kg /154lb
    On 6ft / 4ft (Single Rod): 10kg / 22lb

  • I noticed that your wall spreader system specification states a 20ft frame structure that holds up to 70kgs. I don\'t see how the kit as configured can assemble into a 20ft wide frame structure ?

    The Proaim Wall Spreader can be made 20ft by using the 1 x 6ft Telescopic Poles, which will extend to 12ft, and 1 x 4ft Telescopic Poles, which will extend to 8ft; therefore, you can make the length of 20ft.

  • How many poles are included in WS-284-00?

    There are multiple telescopic tubes included in the package. Four units of 6ft and Two units of 4ft, can be used individually or in combination.