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Hello. We are open for business and delivering all parcels right to your doorsteps.
Hello. We are open for business and delivering all parcels right to your doorsteps.

Proaim Trailer Hitch Adaptor / Tow-Bar for Car Camera Rigging


Want a Strong Foundation for Car/Vehicle Rigging?

Completely modular Proaim Hitch Adaptor for 2” receiver & 42mm Speed Rail Tube

Mounts on any Vehicle. Solid Aluminum made, takes 1000kg/2205lb Payload. Safe & Secure!

Proaim has come up with a new line of product for rigging vehicles, Proaim Trailer Hitch Adaptor, commonly known as a tow-bar. Machined from solid CNC Aluminum, the Trailer Hitch Adaptor is modular & provides a secure connection to any vehicle that has a standard 2″ hitch. The connection is made by using two stainless high grade 1/2″ bolts instead of a traditional hitch pin. The result? ZERO PLAY! This provides a firm attachment that does not flex, vibrate or most importantly sway because of a loose fit. The Hitch Adaptor is customizable, with four mounting points for the speed rail pipe clamps, plus an additional point on the front. This gives you flexible mounting options. You can easily use standard Speed Rail Size (42mm/1.65in). Since the pipe clamps can be bolted on various positions you can change angle/position of speed rail. The Speed Clamp uses 4 stainless steel pins to prevent any twisting of the clamp and lets you mount in 90 degree & 45-degree increments. There is no stronger connection you can make to a vehicle than the Proaim Trailer hitch Adaptor.


- Construction: Solid Aluminum
- Trailer Hitch size: 2 inch
- Fits Speed Rail Tube: 42mm / 1.65in
- Clamp Inner Dia: 42mm
- Product LxWxH: 470x50x50mm
- Payload: 1000kg/2205lb
- Product Weight: 3.6kg/7.9lb
- Proaim Trailer Hitch Adaptor

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