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All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

Proaim Orion Mini Camera Geared Head, 15kg / 33lb Payload

For Filmmakers, Videomakers & Photographers

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Unleash your Creativity with Perfection & Accuracy

Error-free Shots – Precise Panning & Tilting – Easy & Handy Operations.

Quick – Quiet – Compatible

Effortlessly Smooth Panning & Tilting to add drama, tension and emotion in Shots & Scenes.

Boss in its Range

Quality Constructed Equipment works with most of the DSLR Video Cameras; offers payload up to 15 kg / 33 lb.

Minimalist Design

Studio & field ready design lets you win hearts of your audience at any point of time.

See how the Orion Mini Geared Head Works



  CNC Aluminium


  Gear Material : Cast iron/gun metal
  Crank Material : Forge Casting

Load Capacity

  15 kg/33 lb


  Tripod Mounting : 3/8” flat mount ,100mm bowl
  Camera mounting : ¼”-20, 3/8”-16;


  Tilting Degree : 45°
  Panning degree : 360°

Camera Plate ( L X B )

  14x5.5cm Manfrotto 357 standard

Product weight (without packing)

  8.06 kg/17.76 lb

Product Weight (with packing)

  12.36 kg/27.2 lb

In the Box

Proaim Orion Mini Gear Head

User Manual


Accuracy at its Max

Proaim Orion Mini Geared Head lets you control Panning & Tilting precisely to get more accurate and detailed shots.
Its intuitive design offers 360° Panning for accurate panoramic shots and 45° Tilting Movement on each side.
Independent and professional filmmakers loves to use Gear Head as it allows fast, repeatable motions precisely and quickly.
Precise geared movements in 2 directions make it a professional add-on to your kit that delivers immensely stable, smooth, and balanced shots.

Proaim Orion Mini Camera Geared Head, 15kg / 33lb Payload


Precisely Engineered

The Proaim Mini Orion Gear Head is engineered to precisely fulfil the need & ease of every Filmmaker, Videomaker & Photographer.
It has a quick-release plate to offer a stable base to a wide range of DSLR Video Cameras. Designed with sturdy cranks for Panning & Tilting Movements.
The cranks have counterbalance mechanism means it stays where you leave it.
Its Friction & Locking Mechanism controls the resistance of the pan bar. And let’s you keep the panning crank in a static position when you want to use only tilt movement.
Before using, make sure to properly balance your camera on the camera mounting plate and to fine-tune the setup with adjustment knob to suit your requirements.


Robust & Hassle-free Design

The high-strength metal body & gears are engineered for maximum durability & minimum wear and tear.
Likewise, it has Gun-Metal Gears that ensure very smooth & soundless operations, certainly promising a high level of performance.
The inclusion of a 100mm mounting bowl at the base of the head facilitates secure and stable attachment to a tripod.
Fluid heads fail to deliver error-free results when working with horizontal and vertical lines. In contrast, Orion Mini Gear Head allows you to pan the camera in the mm range.
Along with these advantages, it is one of the most valuable addition to architectural, cityscape, and still life photography.

Proaim Orion Mini Camera Geared Head, 15kg / 33lb Payload

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  • Can the turning cranks removed from the head? (Temporarily I would need to do it for weight reduction).

    No, the crank on the Orion Mini head cannot be removed however, you can surely remove the handle.

  • Can I use Orion Mini with Proaim 150mm Heavy Duty Tripod Mount with Spreader with the help of Proaim Mitchell Base to Bowl Camera Adapter ?

    The Proaim 150mm bowl adapter (BA150) is required to attach the Proaim Orion Mini with the Proaim 150mm heavy duty stand.

  • Do you have a short tripod that is around 30-40cm with z axis height tuning that could mate with the Orion gear head?

    Yes, we have a Proaim HD Mitchell stand. This stand will be compatible with P-OGR-H but not with P-ORGH-MN. Here is the link for reference :

  • Does both models come with the sliding axis adapter?

    There is no option of a sliding axis adapter in Proaim Orion Mini Gear Head.

  • Any difference in the backlash and locking performances for the 2 models?

    For the accuracy of Proaim Orion Gear Head P-OGR-H, the backlash is 20-30 microns.
    And for Proaim Orion Mini Gear Head P-ORGH-MN, it is 30-50 microns.

  • We would like to know what is the resolution and accuracy for both the pitch and yaw axis?

    In Orion Geared head P-OGR-H
    Tilting degree/crank rotation:
    At Fast Speed: Crank will cover 2.5 Degrees per Round.
    At Slow Speed: Crank will cover 1.4 Degrees per Round.

    Panning degree/crank rotation:
    At Fast Speed: Crank will cover 2.5 Degrees per Round
    At Slow Speed: Crank will cover 1.4 Degrees per Round

    In Orion Mini Geared head P-ORGH-MN
    Pan Hand Crank Wheel per rotation 6°
    Tilt Hand Crank Wheel per rotation 5°

  • Can you provide us the specifications and drawings for the gear head?

    Weight capacity: The weight capacity of P-ORGH-MN is 15kg.
    Tilting & Panning Degree:
    Tilting Degree of P-ORGH-MN is: 45°
    Panning degree of P-ORGH-MN: 360°
    Speed control Mechanism: There is no speed control but yes manually you can control the speed of this head.


    The Proaim Orion Mini Camera Geared Head does not have a slow/fast gear switch like the large Proaim Orion Gear head. This head only has the manual speed control.