PROAIM MB-600 Camera Sunshade Matte Box

SKU : P-MB-600

Add a level of professionalism with this versatile production matte box designed for all DV / HDV cameras with normal and wide angle lenses.PROAIM MB-600 Camera Video Matte Box control light better than a regular lens shade and offer the videographer the ability to use high quality 4x4 filter (s) for image effects. This Camera Sunshade matte box is easily detachable, light in weight but is made up of strong material. It is simpleand unique design avoids extra sunlight on the lens. It works same the lens hood. The matte box comes with both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios format so it can be used with both normal as well as wide angle lenses. Absolutely meet your needs and fits your budget!!

Camera Mattebox


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Professional Matte Box


-  French Flag & Side flags provide extra flare reduction & height adjustment.
-  The weight of the DSLR matte box with rod support is 2.18 pounds.
-  Aluminum Front Adjuster with quick lock mechanism for easy rods attachment.
-  100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Camera Sunshade features a non-reflective rectangular lens shade that allows for single or dual filter applications. This Camera Matte Box has two 4x4 filter holder (s) perfect for polarizers and combination of square filters. Rotating filter holder enables user to eject or install square filter without disturbing microphone or flash settings.

Professional Matte Box

Matte Box has Long top Flag for extra protection from direct light. Camera Sunshade Matte Box lens hood has side barn doors with height adjustment feature so user can adjust the height of the side barn doors as per his requirement.

Pro Video Mattebox

It has two 4x4 filter holder (s) perfect for polarized and a combination of square filters. Rotating filter holder (s) allow the user to remove or install square filters without disturbing microphone or flash settings.

For 15mm Rod Support

Front Adjuster attaches Matte Box to the 15mm rods. The front adjuster is made of metal. It is designed with quick lock mechanism.

For Follow Focus Rig

A black-out fabric cover wraps around the barrel of your lens to block out any light completely.

camcorder matte box

Proaim Camera Sunshade Matte Box comes with both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio format so that this matte box can be used with both normal as well as wide angle lenses. 4:3 and 16:9 ratio mask can easily be attached or detached with four small screws in the front of the matte box.

Camera Sunhood


- Canon : XL1, XL2, GL1, GL2, XM1, XM2, XM1, hv20, hv30, 5D MARK II, 7D
- Sony : PD 150,PD 170,VX 2100, VX 2000, VX 1000, DSR 250, DSR 200, HVR Z1E, HDR FX1, PD 100, Z1U E, V1U
- Jvc : GY HD 100, GYDV 500, GYDV 550 / 700
- Panasonic : AG HVX 200, AG DVX 100 A, AG DVX 100B, AG DVC 62E, GH1

Sunshade mattebox

For Cage Shoulder Mount Kit

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

-  Construction: Aluminum, Metal & Industrial Plastic
-  Compatible Camera Lens: up to 95mm
-  Front Adapter Height Adjustment: up to 2.5cm (to match camera lens)
-  Format ratios: 4: 3 & 16:9 (optional)
-  Two 4x4” rotating filter holders
-  Rod mount: 15mm
-   Product weight (without packing) - 720gram / 1.58lb
-  Product weight (with packing)- 988gram / 2.18lb

-   MB-600 Camera Sunshade Matte Box with 4:3 & 16:9 format masks
-  Top Flag & Side flags
-  Front Adjuster with 15mm rod clamp
-  2pc of rotating 4x4 Filter Holder (s)
-  Knicker


Q: What is the outer diameter of matte box ?
Ans: The outer diameter of the matte box is 95mm.

Q: Which lenses it will work with ?
Ans: It will work with all photo & cinema standard and wide angle lenses upto 35mm.

Q: Will it work with gh4 camera ?
Ans: Yes, this matte box will work with GH4 camera with any photo & cinema standard and wide angle lenses upto 35mm.

Q: What is the maximum lens dia, the knickers will fit to ?
Ans: The knickers will fit to the lenses with upto 95mm diameter.

Q: Will it work with 5d/7d with battery grip?
Ans: This mattebox cannot be used with Canon 5d/7d with battery grip as such but we have the option of height riser incase required.

Q: What is the frame size of matte box?
Ans: We provide two aspect ratio masks with the mattebox i.e. 4:3 and 16:9.

Q: What is the material of matte box?
Ans: The mattebox hood is made up of strong plastic. Flags & height adjuster are aluminum made and knicker is fabric.

Q: Which filters I can use with it?
Ans: You can use 4x4 filters with this mattebox.

Q: Are the filter trays rotating?
Ans: Yes both filter trays are rotatable at 360 degree.

Q: Is it returnable for a full refund if it doesn’t meet my expectations upon delivery?
Ans : Yes, absolutely. We always backup our sales. In case, you don't like the product, we take it back within 14 days and you get a 100% refund.

Q : What is the warranty?
Ans : We provide 1year warranty from the date of purchase. Items which are covered by the warranty period will be replaced at no cost to the customer. Replacement parts of the product will be provided at nominal cost (covering the cost price of the replacement parts only) to the customers after the Warranty Period has expired.

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