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All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

Proaim Kite-22 Starter Package - 24.5ft Camera Jib Crane for Video Film Productions

150mm Bowl Tripod Stand & D-33 Camera Dolly

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An All-Rounder And Industry Standard Robust Camera Crane

Perfectly Meets Various Production Needs!


Proaim unveils Kite 22 Camera Jib Crane to let you explore your cinematic world. It will give you the whole spectrum of innovative ideas by giving various geographic scenarios & different in-studio angles.
The well-engineered Crane includes a robust Tripod Stand and a portable Floor Dolly delivering a rock-solid foundation for ultra-smooth shots.
The High-Grade Aluminum construction offers unbeatable strength and holds most camera setups.

Proaim Kite-22 Starter Package - 24.5ft Camera Jib Crane for Video Film Productions
Proaim Kite-22 Camera Crane Starter Package


The modular octagonal-shaped arm sections reinforce the sturdiness of the Kite-22ft Camera jib crane.
It is divided into seven sections, each measuring 4' in length, overlapping by up to 1' for varied lengths.
Arm length is adjustable, ranging from 12.8 ft. to 24.5 ft. (24.5ft, 22.3ft, 19ft, 15.10ft & 12.8ft) to meet any professional demands.
Each section is pulled from the previous section, so you can store unused sections in the tail as ballast weight and lighten your counterweight demand.


Proaim Kite 22 Starter package comes with LW-150 Heavy Duty Jib Stand to provide excellent stability to your heavy camera setups.
It combines high-quality materials, technological expertise and superior design to provide the ideal support needed to take the perfect shots.
The Tripod supports an incredible payload of up to 250kg / 551lb and is highly stable in use.
The Kite 22 package includes a D-33 Pro Dolly to add mobility to the crane. It's a compact and versatile pro video dolly.
The Locks on the wheels ensure static jerk free shots & easy assembling.

Proaim Kite-22 Camera Crane Starter Package
Proaim Kite-22 Camera Crane Starter Package


The tool/accessory roll pouch provides rapid access to various tools such as Allen keys or wrenches. It has ten pockets to neatly organize multiple hand tools so you can work quickly and efficiently.
The complete Crane Package fits in customized storage cases to ensure full protection. These storage cases are easy to carry with you to different sets and locations.




Jib Arm Material

  High Grade Aluminum HE30

Jib Arm Shape


Height from Ground

  19ft(5.8 Meter)

Jib Arm Thickness


Jib Crane Length

  24.5ft (7.5 Meter)

Jib each Arm length


Jib Arm Dimensions

Jib Arm Octagonal Tube Outer DiameterInner Diameter
Ist Section(weight section)164mm156mm
2nd Section 154mm146mm
3rd Section 144mm136mm
4th Section134mm 126mm
5th Section124mm116mm
6th Section 114mm 106mm
7th Section (Top Section)104mm96mm

Height Range

  Height of Jib Arm while Your Stand Adjusted at Maximum height of 4ft:
  19ft high at 24.5ft length
  16.6ft high at 22.3ft length
  14.3ft high at 19ft length
  12.2ft high at 15.10ft length
  10ft high at 12.8ft length

Balancing Chart

  Add Counter Weights in the rear section of Jib according to Camera and Pan Tilt Head weight as per this chart :

Self Balancing When 2.2lbs weight is on the Head Plate

  24.5ft jib arm balances at about 121.5lbs.

  24.5ft arm balances at around 133lbs.

  22.3ft arm balances at about 119lbs.

  22.3ft arm balances at around 128lbs.

  19ft arm balances at about 116lbs.

  19ft arm balances at around 122lbs.

  15.10ft arm balances at about 114lbs.

  15.10ft arm balances at around 117lbs.

  12.8ft arm balances at about 112lbs.

  12.8ft arm balances at around 115lbs.

Crane Pan Lock


Crane Tilt Lock



  Black Powder Coated

Coupling Jib Arm Sections

  A union coupling design of Jib Arm is done by washer and Steel bolt and shank with external clamps as well as Pin Lock for double locking System

Jib Arm Break downs to

  7 Sections of 4ft each

Camera Platform Leveling

  By Control Cable

Stress cable

  High carbon steel with electro galvanized 4mm tested wire at 800kg

Multiple Alignment

  Multiple user friendly alignment of Stress Cable is provided For making Jib Stand straight without any curve

Carrying Case size

  51 inches

Jib Crane Weight

  30 kg / 66 lb

Max Camera Package Load Capacity(including Pan Tilt Head)

  20 kg / 45 lb


Weighing Capacity

  250 kg / 551lb

Material Used

  Solid Aluminum

Hub Assembly Material

  High Grade Aluminum HE30

Bowl Mount


Bowl Thickness


Stand Minimum Height With Bowl

  2ft 2 inch

Stand Maximum Height With Bowl

  3ft 2 inch

Distance from Center

  22 inch

Weight of Stand

  6.7 kg / 14.7 lb

Weight of Spreader

  1.8 kg / 3.96 lb


  Max Opening : 24 inch
  Min Opening : 15 inch

Length of Hard Case

  28.7 inch


Material Used

  MS powder coated


  Steel bolts with washers

Wheels Diameter


Wheels Thickness


Wheel Material


Central Distance



  Folded (L x W x H) 84 x 28 x 22 cm Doorway Width - 144cm

Height From Ground

  9 inch

Weight of Dolly

  15.2 kg / 33.5 lb

Dolly Type

  Three leg Floor dolly

Wheel Lock


Maximum Load capacity

  800 kg / 1763.7 lb


Product Volumetric Weight (with packing)

Case 1 = 15kg / 34lb
Case 2 = 12kg / 28lb
Case 3 = 43kg / 95lb
Case 4 = 13kg / 29lb
Case 5 = 15kg / 34lb

Product Gross Weight (with packing)

Case 1 = 22kg / 49lb
Case 2 = 17kg / 37lb
Case 3 = 30kg / 69lb
Case 4 = 14kg / 31lb
Case 5 = 17kg / 39lb


              Proaim kite-22 Telescopic Camera Jib Crane (P-22)
              Proaim 150mm bowl Jib Stand with spreader (LW-150)
              D-33 Pro Camera Dolly (D-33)
              Proaim Customized Storage cases for Camera Jib Arm & Jib Stand & Accessories
              Tools and Tool Pouch/Wrap- Complimentary!

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  • How many weights does the crane need? How many kilograms?

    Please find below link to view the Balacning chart of Proaim kite-22 Jib Crane (P-22).

  • Hello, I would like to know if this package includes any heads. If that is not the case. What head should I buy?

    In this package, the head is not included.
    SKU of pan-tilt heads that are compatible with this product :
    SKU : PT-JR
    SKU : PT-SR
    SKU : PT-SPIN-3

  • How to assemble Kite-22 crane, i am very confused ?

    "Here is the assembling video of the Kite 22 Crane Jib:"

  • Hello, is screen includes in the crane packages ?

    The Proaim Camera Crane Packages does not include the monitors or screens.