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All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

Proaim Fly 22' Camera Crane Production Package

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Film Like a Pro: Where Creativity Meets Precision.

Every Filmmaker's Choice!


Ultimate Production Gear

Heavy-duty yet Lightweight Crane meets various shooting demands
• Offers Great Performance, enhanced stability, and fast setup
• Adapts Pan Tilt Heads & Gimbals like DJI Ronin® & Freefly       MōVI®
• High-grade aluminum construction - takes 20kg/44lb payload
• Robust 100mm Tripod Stand steadily supports the Crane setup

Proaim Fly 22' Camera Crane Production Package
Proaim Velvet Steel Track for Cine Camera Dolly, OD ⌀34mm, CD 24.5”


Invertible Camera Platform

The Invertible Camera Platform is a revolutionary addition to the traditional jib crane setup, offering unparalleled versatility and precision in capturing dynamic shots. this innovative platform allows cameras to be mounted upside down or upwards, providing cinematographers with the freedom to capture dynamic shots from any angle. Its robust construction ensures stability even during rapid movements. Whether shooting sweeping landscapes or intimate close-ups, the Invertible Camera Platform redefines possibilities in cinematic storytelling, elevating productions to new heights of excellence.


Tool Less Connectivity

Each jib crane sections connect smoothly with each other without any tools.

Proaim Fly 22' Camera Crane Production Package
Proaim Fly 22' Camera Crane Production Package


Adjustable Accessory Bar

Dual adjustment for better user convenience.


Micro Balancing & Counter Balance Mechanism

The Track is available in 2 different lengths: 3.3ft and 9.9ft.
You can adjust the length up to your requirement by quickly adding or removing the track sections.
The ability to change the length allows you to use the Track in various scenarios.

Proaim Fly 22' Camera Crane Production Package
Proaim Fly 22' Camera Crane Production Package


Well Designed Arm Sections

This High Grade Aluminum constructed camera crane jib arm is expandable from 4ft (one section) to 24ft/7mtr (six sections) in 4ft increments. As a quality constructed reinforced movie camera crane, it should last a lifetime.
- The Rear Control Center has provisions for mounting the Joystick Control box & Zoom Controller.
- Jib Arm connecting bars securely fits into another one with top screw that guarantees its double security, strength and reliability.


Sr. Pan Tilt Head

• 2-Axis Pan Tilt Head allows 360° pan & tilt movements. Gives you Freedom to take wide variety of smooth shots. Aluminum made; supports 7.5kg/16.5lb payload. Designed for DV/HDV and broadcast cameras. Two coreless high torque motors for inaudible movements. Strong Brass Gears withstand long hours of functions.

Proaim Fly 22' Camera Crane Production Package
Proaim Fly 22' Camera Crane Production Package


12V Joystick Control

Remote Joystick Control System with 24' Long Cable & AC Adapter. Intuitive control over pan/tilt movements. Takes control of speed & direction as per requirement. Damping control enables the head to achieve smooth endings. Dead Spot controls sensitivity of joystick on pan tilt head & prevents unwanted movements. For Outdoor Shooting, you can use 3meter long 4pin XLR cable with 12v brick or car battery.


Proaim 100mm Bowl Jib Stand

Powerful Combination gives Solid Foundation to the Crane Setup. CNC Aluminum made jib stand carry loads up to 200kg/441lb. Light, Robust Rubber Spreader adds stability to the jib stand.

Proaim Fly 22' Camera Crane Production Package
Proaim Fly 22' Camera Crane Production Package


A Spreader To Make Your Tripod Stable & Anti-Slippery

Spreader sets up rapidly and keeps stand legs at an equal distance. This Sturdy combo helps in achieving steady & stable shots. It features quick-release clamps to secure your tripod feet.It collapses quickly by pulling up from the centre, allowing the arms to fold together for portability.


Proaim Portable Dolly

Strong & Stable Dolly ensures solidity of complete crane system. Versatile 3-Leg Dolly gives direct control over tracking movement. High-Grade Aluminum construction takes 500kg/1100lb payload. Collapsible design enables easy portability. High quality wheels & bearings ensure smooth dynamic shots. Wheel Locks for secure assembly & static shots. Tool-less design Saves Your Valuable Production Time.

Proaim Fly 22' Camera Crane Production Package
Proaim Fly 22' Camera Crane Production Package


Proaim Lanc Zoom Controller

Zoom Controller for DV Cameras for LANC and Panasonic MiniDV or HDV cameras, with a converter switch for LANC (most Sony and Canon cameras) and Panasonic. Remote functions: Recording start/stop, variable zoom speed from slow to fast. Zoom lever allows zoom-out to wide-angle or zoom-in to telephoto. Extremely Functional - mounts on most arms / handles with ease.

See how the Velvet Steel Track Works

Camera Jib Specifications


  High Quality Aluminum

Load Capacity


Camera Crane Length


Crane Pan Lock


Crane Tilt Lock


Tripod Stand Specifications

Tripod tubes made of


Load capacity

  200 kg / 441 lb

Length of Tripod

  Max length of tripod - 42 inch
  Minimum length of tripod - 24 inch

Weight of tripod

  8 kg / 18lb

Portable dolly Specifications

- Use your tripod in 3 legged configuration.
- Quality design and construction.
- Quick and easy set up and strike.
- Weighing capacity-500kg.
- Machined from heavy duty - rugged use aluminum
- Quality components ensure long life use

Pan Tilt Head (PT-SR) Specifications


  Aluminum, Brass (Gears)

Payload Capacity

  7.5kg / 16.5lblb

Pan/Tilt Movements


Speed Control

  Minimum: 6°/Second
  Maximum: 51°/Second

Height of Head

  Minimum: 17 Inches
  Maximum: 26 Inches

AC Input

  AC 100-240 V

DC Output

  12 V, 2 A


  Head Power/Communication: 6-Pin XLR
  Joystick: 4-Pin XLR

Cable Length

  Communication: 32.8 Feet / 10 Meters
9.8 Feet / 3 Meters

Camera Platform

  12 x 3" / 30.5 x 7.6cm

Spreader Specifications

Maximum length of spreader leg

  24 inch/60.96 cm

Minimum length of spreader leg

  14.5 inch/36.83 cm

Spreader collapsed height

  14.5 inch/ 37 cm

Weight of spreader

  1.64 kg / 3.6 lb

Height of spreader

  1 inch / 2.54 cm

In the Box

- Proaim Fly 22' Camera Crane (P-FLY-22)
- 100mm Bowl Jib Stand with Spreader(LW-100)
- Sr. Pan Tilt Head with Joystick box (PT-SR)
- Pan Tilt Connectivity Plate (Revised on 14-Aug-2019)
- Portable Dolly (P-PRT-D) (Revised on 07-April-2017)
- FREE Proaim Lanc Zoom Controller
- Bag Packing


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  • Could it be controlled by a computer

    The Proaim Pan Tilt Head PT-SR is only controlled by a joystick controller included in it. It will not be controlled by a computer.

  • Can the Sr. Pan Tilt Head be moved by hand if i don\'t want to use the motor?

    Yes, the Proaim Senior Pan tilt head can be moved with hands but before this you have to disengage the motor gear to avoid any damage to the gears.

  • What is the exact dimension from the centre of the bolt between the wheels?

    The distance between one wheel to another is 80cm. Here is the complete dimension of Proaim Lineo Portable Video Camera Floor Dolly P-PRT-D:

  • In this Lineo portable tripod dolly are the wheels replaceable with track wheels?

    Yes, the wheels of Proaim Lineo Portable Video Camera Floor Dolly P-PRT-D are replaceable with Track wheels. Here is the link for the compatible track wheels:

  • Hello, is screen includes in the crane packages ?

    The Proaim Camera Crane Packages does not include the monitors or screens.