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Hello. We are open for business and delivering all parcels right to your doorsteps.
Hello. We are open for business and delivering all parcels right to your doorsteps.

Proaim 40ft Fraser Crane Package

SKU : JB-FR6T-00

Professional 40ft Crane for Television Production, Film Production & Live Events

Payload - 35kg/77lb. Supports Pan Tilt Heads, 3-Axis Camera Gimbals & Gyro Heads

Pro Cinema 3-Axis Pan Tilt Head for Film & Video Cameras up to 15kg/33lb

New Mobile Mega Dolly with Column for Solid Foundation and Easy Transportation.

Thoughtful Engineering
Precisely designed with the goal of building a crane especially with rigidity, while remaining lightweight to meet diverse shooting demands.

Adaptable Lengths
Adjusts to different lengths - 12ft, 22ft, 34ft & 40ft. Can be used in studio or on-location.

3-Axis Pan Tilt Head
Extremely accurate and easily controllable Proaim PT-1100 head is specially designed for larger Cameras up to 15kg/33lb. Swiss-made motors and drive system ensures precise, ultra-smooth & quiet movements.

Mega Dolly with Column
Mega Dolly is a solid chassis (fixed width) Dolly, able to carry larger payloads up to 1000 Kg / 1 Ton. Gives rock steady platform to 40ft Crane and is versatile for both studio & location.

Simplified Transport
The complete Crane Package with Pan Tilt Head fits in 8 cases.

Highlights of Proaim 40ft Fraser Crane



Different Shooting Lengths

Modularly designed heavy duty crane transforms into various sizes for different shooting situations. With reach from 12ft to 40ft, it fits in almost any location.


Proaim Mega Dolly with Centre Column

High-Grade Aluminum Made
Specially designed to carry heaviest of loads, up to 1000kg/2200lb, with an ease.

Excellent, Secure Base
Wide Dolly base & centre column ensures rigidity of complete crane system.

Offers Great Mobility
Pneumatic Tyres perform smooth and accurate camera movement.

Versatile for Studio & Location
Operates on smooth studio floors and can be used outdoors on hard surfaces with excellent results.

3-Axis Pan Tilt Dutch Roll Head (PT-1100)

All Highlights at a Glance

- Extremely Accurate and Easily Controllable Head
- Compatible with most of ENG Lenses
- Three Swiss-made Motors to use in all 3 Axis
- Carrying capacity up to 15kg/33lb
- Integrated digital electronics, Robust 12V drive system
- 360° continuous movements at all (Pan/Tilt/Roll) axis
- All axis have separate direction switches
- Integrated Iris, Zoom & Focus functions with control unit
- All Axis have separate Speed, Ramps, Directions & Indicators
- Separate switch for all Axis - can be closed or reset as per requirement
- Power supply via AC Adapter or V-mount battery (not included)
- Micro Adjustment of Pan & Tilt Axis to reach accurate balance easily
- Heavy-duty yet Lightweight – professional-grade aluminum made
- Quick Tool-less Slide Mounting for setup on Proaim 40ft crane
- Can also be used as 2-Axis by adding an extra mount (sold separately)
- Easy to use, thanks to User-friendly Controller System

Note: - Two Safety Pins are provided for ease of Storage and Transportation. You need to pull safety pins while operating system.
        - Supports All Canon ENG lenses which have 12 pin Hirose connector and All Fujinon ENG lenses which have 8 pin DIN connector.


The user-friendly controller box is very easy to operate. It provides quick access to the control knobs – Speed, Ramps, Directions, Indicators – all axis are kept separately for Pan, Tilt, Roll, Zoom and Focus functions. You can limit the camera movements as per your shot requirement by turning-off any of the axis by provided switches.

Reverse Directions
You can also reverse directions for Pan, Tilt, Roll, Zoom & Focus - as & when required.

HEAD CONTROLLER controls 360° Pan, Tilt and Roll movement of the head.

LENS CONTROLLER guarantees the connection of video and film lenses to Zoom, Focus & Iris controls. The green button accomplishes start/stop recording function.

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- Construction: High Grade Aluminum HE30
- Load Capacity: 35kg / 77lb
- Crane Length: 40ft
- Jib Arm Break downs to: 13 Sections
- Each Section Length: 3ft
- Jib Arm Wall Thickness: 3.5mm
- Crane Pan Lock: Yes
- Crane Tilt Lock: Yes

Jib Sections Packing- 4 Flight Case
- Dimensions (without carton box) LxWxH: 55x117x40cm (4x51.4kg)
- Dimensions (with carton box) LxWxH: 118x43x56cm (4x57kg)

- Column Length: 3ft 10in
- Column with Dolly Length: 4ft 5in
- Hub Length: 1ft 8in
- Hub to Dolly Length: 6ft 1in
- Centre of Hub to Dolly: 5ft 7in
- Floor to Dolly Height: 6.5in
- Tyre to Tyre Length: 3ft 10in
- Stopper to Stopper Width: 2ft 8in

Dolly Structure Packing- 1 Wooden Case
- Dimensions (without carton box) LxWxH: 122x102x20cm (50kg)
- Net Weight: 55.5kg / 122lb

Column Packing- 1 Flight Case
- Dimensions (without carton box) LxWxH: 55x132x40cm (58kg)
- Dimensions (with carton box) LxWxH: 132x43x56cm (63.5kg)

Dolly Wheels Packing- 1 Carton Box
- Dimensions LxWxH: 64x50x22cm (14kg)
- Net Weight: 12.75kg / 28lb

- Construction - High-grade Aluminum 6063-T6
- Gear - Helical design Stainless Steel & Brass Gears
- Maximum Payload: 15kg/33lb
- Maximum Speed: Pan & Tilt: ±360° in 4.5 sec
- Minimum Speed: Pan & Tilt: ±360° in 18 sec
- Compatible ENG Lens: Canon and Fujinon
- Compatible Cameras: Sony & Canon LANC-enabled DV & HDV camera, Panasonic DVX100, HVX200 Series, HVX170 series, HMC40, 70 and 150 series Camera with ENG configuration
- Power Input: AC 198V-264V (AC 100V~264V as option), 50-60HZ
- Power Supply for Camera: Supports two outputs DC12V for ENG camera, DC7.8V for DV camera
- Control Box Power Output: DC 12V
- Control Distance Range (from Control Box to Head): 30m/98.4ft
- Head Weight: 10kg / 22lb

Pan Tilt Head Packing- 1 Flight Case
- Dimensions (with carton box) LxWxH: 92*55*30cm (30kg)
- Net Weight: 39kg / 86lb



 40ft Jib (PF-6TR)

 40ft Jib (PF-6TR)

 Mega Dolly with Column (DL-MEGA-00)

 Mega Dolly with Column (DL-MEGA-00)


 Pan Tilt Head (PT-1100)

 Flight Transport Case

 Flight Transport Case

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