Proaim 16ft Heavy Duty Camera Dolly Track

SKU : TRK-16-25

Our Proaim 16ft Heavy Duty Camera Dolly Track (TRK-16-25) features a lightweight hollow pipe construction that works great with your set up. Aluminium constructed dolly track can bear total weight of 800 kg /1763 lbs. It breaks down into four sections (4ft each section) and is therefore takes only few minutes to get assembled. The included end stoppers offers perfect stability to your set up. This railtrack offers you the ability to level, position and move the camera while always maintaining the balance.

For Dolly Tripod Bazooka


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-  Lightweight hollow pipe construction
-  Perfectly designed camera rail structure provides stability.
-  Camera Dolly Track breaks down into 4ft. sections for portability.
-  Perfect for smooth running camera tracking shots.
-  Extendable up to your convenience.
-  Noise-free movement
-  100% satisfaction Guarantee.

For Camera Jib Crane

An invaluable device to capture smooth, dynamic video from any location

-  Track Material : High Grade Aluminum
-  Weight of Product: 21.700kg/47.74lb
-  Total length of track : 16ft
-  Sections Length: 4ft each
-  Weight carrying capacity: 800kg/ 1763lb
-  Central distance: 25" inches
-  Track rails are 1.77" inches in diameter

-  Proaim 16ft Heavy Duty Camera Dolly Track (TRK-16-25)
-  Storage Bag

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