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All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

Proaim 12ft Carbon Fiber Boom Pole with 40cm R Blimp Windscreen

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Record Nice and Clear Audio Even on a Windy Day

In the film & video world, capturing quality audio is just as important as capturing striking images because audio gives your story a voice. Recording audio that has noisy interference can detract from your valuable content. The complete set of boom pole & blimp have been designed to eliminate any noise interference which can ruin your audio.

Blimp Mic Windshield


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12ft Long Boom Pole

The carbon fiber made boom pole is designed to vastly reduce the vibration or “handling noise” of the operator as the mic is turned to pick up the audio from various actors.
It only weighs 800gm and has padded hand grips for comfortable & fatigue free audio recording. It is adjustable from 3 feet to 12 feet.

carbon fiber Blimp and boom pole for recording

40cm R Blimp

Microphone Blimps, or Mic Zeppelin as they are sometimes called, are windscreens that surround microphone with the purpose of reducing wind noise when recording audio at outdoor locations.

Boom Pole and Blimp

Guaranteed better quality audios

Shock Absorbing Mic Mount

The blimp has shock absorbing mounts which prevent any vibration from reaching the mic.

Shotgun Microphone Suspension

The integrated shockmounts minimize handling noise to keep your recordings crystal clear

Fur Cover

The fur cover also serves the purpose of minimizing the noise further.

Professional Video Recorder

Eliminates windy noises thereby providing pristine audio recordings

Note : Inner Color may vary as per availability


Rode - NTG-1,NTG-2,NTG-3
Akg - C 451 B
Audio - Technica-AT897,AT875 R,BP4029,BP4073, AT4073A
Neumann - KMR 81i
Sanken - CS-1
Schoeps - CMIT-5U,CMC6 Microphone Preamp
Sennheiser - MKH416 / MKH415, MKH418S,MKH60,ME66,ME64
Shure - SM81

PS: Audio reinforces a captivating visual story. Buy the combo to record high-quality audio.


boom pole shock mount

Audio Blimp Boom Pole

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- Construction : Boom Pole made of Carbon Fiber
- Accommodates Mics up to 24mm in diameter and 38cm in length
- 15mm to 25mm 6 pcs Mic Holders
- Easy to store 3ft sections
- 40cm Blimp Microphone Windscreen with faux fur covers
- Color of Boom Pole - Non-reflective gray/black

- PROAIM 12ft Carbon Fiber Boom
- BMP40R Blimp (BMP-40R)
- Blimp Accessories
- 20ft Long XLR Cable
- Travelling bag of boom pole
- FREE Fur Cover for blimp


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