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All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

Flycam Zest Pro Video Camera Stabilizer with Integrated Monitoring & Power Connections | Gold Mount / V-Mount

Payload: 5-15kg / 11-33lb | for Video & Film Cameras

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€424,00 - €489,00
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The Evolution Continues

Guarantees Perfect Workflow in a Future-Proof & Modular Design!


Professional Handheld Stabilizer quickly adapts industry-standard cameras & accessories.
Designed For HD Broadcast, Feature Film & All Demanding Camera Stabilization Needs.
It's a strong yet lightweight gear that will successfully operate for years to come.
High-quality material construction makes it highly compatible with camera setups ranging within 5-15kg/11-33lb.

Flycam Zest Pro Electronic Video Camera Stabilizer | Gold Mount / V-Mount
Flycam Zest Pro Electronic Video Camera Stabilizer | Gold Mount / V-Mount


The camera platform with a micro-balance system helps to adjust the horizontal balance precisely & quickly. The Knurled knobs allow front-to-back and side-to-side adjustments. It has two bubble levellers for easy levelling.
Telescopic center post with laser engraved guide scale markings offer quick & precise adjustments and helps in vertical balancing.
The Adjustable Base Platform with weight discs allows you to achieve perfect dynamic balance.


Precisely Balanced 3-axis gimbal with ball bearings allows ultra-smooth operation.
Position-adjustable knurled grip allows easy and secure low mode operation.
The New Designed Handle ensures better holding and swiveling, resulting in high standard workflow efficiency.

Flycam Zest Pro Electronic Video Camera Stabilizer | Gold Mount / V-Mount
Flycam Zest Pro Electronic Video Camera Stabilizer | Gold Mount / V-Mount


You can easily attach the monitor mount on either 200mm or 450mm rods, as your need requires. The 200mm rod system has height adjustment capability, so you can position it wherever you need on the central post.
The unique pivot mechanism of the monitor clamp enables 360° rotation and angle adjustment for more convenience.


HDMI Splitter with battery plate features multiple output ports. It supplies power to LCD monitor or other accessories.
The Splitter uses high-class electronic components and easily fits 15mm rods.

Flycam Zest Pro Electronic Video Camera Stabilizer | Gold Mount / V-Mount
Flycam Zest Pro Electronic Video Camera Stabilizer | Gold Mount / V-Mount


Flycam Zest Pro lets you enjoy the freedom of handheld shooting. It allows you to shoot even while going to extremes like running up and down stairs or travelling over rugged terrain.
Simple design makes it highly convenient and easy to use. It comes in a foam padded bag packing to easily carry around.




  High-grade CNC Aluminum

Load Capacity

  5-15 kg / 11-33 lb

Head Dimensions

  X, Y Axis: 8 x 17cm with Lever

Camera Mounting

  ¼”-20 & 3/8”-16 Screws

Central Post

  Main Post Diameter: Ø30 mm
  Telescopic Post Diameter: Ø25 mm
  Height Range: 62-100 cm / 24-39 inches

Counter Weights

  Number of Counterweight Plates: 20pcs
  Total Weight of 20 Plates: 2.5 kg / 5.5 lb
  Weight of Each Plate: 0.125 kg / 0.27 lb

Base Platform

  Rods Diameter: 15mm
  Rod Lengths: 200mm & 450mm

HDMI Splitter

  Output Ports: 1 x 15V, 1 x 12V, 1 x 7.2V and 1 x 5V

Product Weight (without Packing)

  7.36 kg / 16.2 lb

Product Weight (with Packing)

  9.94 kg / 21.91 lb


  Flycam Zest Pro Telescopic center post
  Battery Plate: V-Mount or Gold Mount
  Weight Plates: 20pcs
  Monitor Mount
  2 x 200mm Inbuilt Monitor rods
  Weight Rods: 2 x 300mm Male Rods
                        2 x 150mm Female Rods
  HDMI/SDI/ DC Power Cables (In-built)
  Extra Cables:DC Power
                        HDMI male to male
                        RC to RC male
                        RC male to BNC male cable
  2 x RC Female to BNC male Connector
  Storage Bag


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  • Can you tell me if the camera plate on the Zest Pro can be removed? What fittings are there? 1/4 20?

    yes camera plate can be removed from the pole, You need to pull the knob on the camera platform and remove the quick-release plate.
    we provide fitting screws of 1/4" and 3/8"

  • What battery is needed for the Gold mount?

    You can use any Gold mount 12VDC battery with a Gold mount battery plate.  (ref image:  

  • Does the HDMI connections from the top sled to the bottom sled support 4K or is it only 1080 HD?

    The Proaim HDMI splitter box is compatible with 4K@30hz , so please give input to this splitter from camera through hdmi cable and can take 4K output video from splitter.

  • Can you use this stabilizer with a Galaxy vest and arm?

    Yes, you can use the Flycam Zest Pro Stabilizer with the Flycam Galaxy Arm and Vest but in that case you can put maximum 2 kg camera load on it as the Flycam Galaxy Arm can hold payload upto 10kgs including stabilizer.

  • Hi , do you have zest pro gimbal with sdi connector?

    Yes. This ZEST Pro Sled comes with 2 xS DI cable with connectors for the camera/monitor.

  • Is this set compatible with any other existing vest and arm?

    The Flycam Zest Pro Camera Stabilizer is compatible with our Proaim Vista-II Arm & Vest (VSTA-II-AV).
    Here is the link to the product:

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Sophie G.
An exeptional sled

I did not expect such a quality of manufacture. Everything is done to allow the user to balance the sled statically and dynamically. The gimbal is adjustable on the column allowing you to play on the height of the camera. You can obtain shots above the head of an actor or at the ground level if you overturn the sled (low mode). Being able to adjust this gimbal height is very appreciable. The Sled is wired in HDMI. I use it on a double arm Glidecam X-10 with a Zcam + remote HF camera and it is really VERY clean. No vibration in the picture. It is so well done that it can be modified to add SDI cabling. For the price this Sled is amazing.

Shawn t.
Good quality

Like it very much :)

Jae W.
Purchase with confident.

Great purchase for any upcoming filmmaker. The quality of the built is superb and the accessories included supports any rig you can manage to toss on top of the sled. I would recommend this product at any time.

Pier G.
Excellent impression immediately

I am a Steadicam operator and I needed a lighter product to make my team use to learn and become familiar. Arrived yesterday I opened it and I immediately had the impression of a good product well assembled. Some precautions such as cables already inserted into the sled and with dedicated connectors under the plate as well as comfortable embellish the object. These days I will be doing more accurate tests but the impression is great. Well equipped and carry bag very versatile even if very economical. The 5 stars I put them because it immediately inspired me great enthusiasm and desire to �make it fly�. I hope the tests do not let me down. I will write again soon.

Joseph H.
Perfect for BMPCC6K rigged out.

Perfect for my build!!