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All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

Movie Shot with PROAIM Cine Gear ‘The Devil’s Fortune’ Gaining New Heights.

The idea of producing an independent movie in itself is a brave move, not to mention doing it in the middle of a worldwide epidemic. Well, that is exactly the mountain that filmmaker Rubidium Wu had to scale when filming "The Devil's Fortune." And we are glad to contribute to his incredible cinematic work with our Proaim Cine Gear. Let's just say that the many years of our creative partnership and his exceptional user experience with us led him to trust Proaim to execute the film's most crucial scenes.

"The Devil's Fortune by Rubidium Wu is a throwback to 1990s "men on the run" conspiracy thrillers that revolve around the protagonist's life being in danger due to missing millions. It recounts the story of James Triage, a fund manager who discovers that his murdered partner took millions from Saddam Hussein's regime, and now a squad of Iraqi assassins has come to collect the debt."


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The plot is absolutely intriguing, but let's not overlook Wu's creative cinematic work in a film that we can totally witness through its thrilling trailer. The brilliant cinematography makes the film burst out of its shell. We can all agree that the kind of camera moves, the shots require to maintain the intensity & the novelty throughout are never easy to execute. And counting on Proaim Gear for creating and executing these compelling and powerful shots makes us privileged and appreciative of our excellent line of gear.

Ultimately, The Devil's Fortune has a true Hollywood sheen with the right music that adds to the entire mood and sense of suspicion that pervades throughout the film. It is worth watching, chasing a thriller with plot twists and some interesting characters.

Movie Review from Critics:

“Masterfully plotted and wonderfully shot…The best Indie Thriller of 2022”

-Film Review TV

“Well shot and well acted, the film is an enthralling journey through the intersection of finance, espionage and good old fashion murder.”

- Indie Wrap

“It is a riveting thriller that’s tense and always involving.

- Screen Critix

“A powerful thriller with plenty of Suspense”

- UK Film Review