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All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  


Tired of using traditional camera dollies that may lack
performance and versatility at times? Upgrade to something
better! Our compact Proaim Polaris dolly, with the functionality
of a high-end doorway dolly and the smoothness of a slider,
finally promises you all of the features you've ever needed in a camera dolly!

Buttery Smooth

Get perfection down to the last detail with buttery smooth side-to-side action creating cinematic shots that are sure to impress. This thing is slick and works efficiently and reliably – every time, even if you're gliding the Dolly down a long-speed rail/track or performing a super slow interview slide.

Robust & Portable

With a Payload Capacity of up to 200 kg (440 lb) - you choose how big you want to go. Well, not only can it support a full studio camera configuration, even in underslung mode, but our Dolly’s compact size also allows for dolly moves in confined spaces, providing new freedom and flexibility on set.

Full-Packed Performance

Small, agile, and portable – the Polaris Dolly is for filmmakers who don't want to sacrifice stability or safety for just a lightweight solution. Given its ground-breaking versatility, it allows filmmakers to be more spontaneous, explore more creative possibilities, and capture all the perfect angles in a fraction of the time.

Over-Slung & Under-Slung Mode

Seize your filming game with creative over-slung or under-slung setup configurations. Our Polaris captures ultra-low shots with more stability when underslung.

Top-Notch Precision Wheel

A 16-wheel design promise super smooth, squeak-free gliding moves on straight or curved tracks owing to its incorporated high-speed SS bearings. These wheels don’t develop the notorious flat spots that dolly wheels are known to have. An added bonus is a braking mechanism that adds extra support when at extreme angles.


Use it with a variety of track options and support it with standard junior stands using track ends, apple boxes, or ground using adjustable feet, going super low, or whatever the shot demands. Its quick & easy setup signs up for a steady workflow, and it is, without question, the top pioneer yet designed for on-the-go filmmakers.

Mounting Options

In-Built Mitchell Mount

75mm Bowl Adapter

100mm Bowl Adapter

Also Available in Warehouses:




Explore Potential Setup options with Proaim Polaris Dolly

8ft Track Aluminum Pipe Kit

Alpha Docking Support Stand

Spinhawk 360° Rolling Head

Orbiter Pan & Tilt Tripod Head

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Stand is compatible with the universal track ends of Polaris Dolly?

        Ans: Proaim Alpha Docking Stand is compatible with the universal track ends of Proaim Polaris Dolly. Please find it in the link given below:

Q: Is Proaim Polaris Portable Dolly with Universal Track Ends compatible with 100mm bowl heads?

        Ans: Yes, Proaim Polaris Portable Dolly is compatible with both 100mm & 75mm Bowl heads. You will get 75mm & 100mm Bowl Adapters with Polaris Dolly.

Q: Is it possible to mount Sachtler Aktiv 8 Head on the Proaim Polaris Dolly?

        Ans: Yes, you can mount Sachtler Aktiv 8 Head directly on Proaim Polaris Dolly with the help of the 75mm & 100mm bowl adapters you get with the Polaris Dolly.

Q: At what height above the ground, we can place the Universal Track Ends of the Proaim Polaris Dolly?

        Ans: The Universal Track Ends of Proaim Polaris Dolly have a height of 6 inches above the ground. Hence, you can place the Polaris Dolly at a height of 6 inches above the ground while filming.

Q: Is it possible to buy the Case/trolley of the Polaris dolly separately?

        Ans: No, we don’t sell the case/trolley of the Polaris Dolly separately.

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