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All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers can contact us and we will provide VAT Free pricing.  Learn More

All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers can contact us and we will provide VAT Free pricing.  Learn More

Proaim Pro Camera Vibration Isolator for Gimbals, 5-15kg/11-33lb

SKU : VI-PP-01

Next Generation Vibration Isolator for Gimbals for Tracking Stabilization!
Precisely reduces vibrations from lowest frequency range and maximize motor torque –
helps you to produce Smoothest footage.
Safe & Secure Design - Customizable to take different payloads.

Proaim announces the Pro Vibration Isolator, a highly modular and exceptionally capable isolator system for 3-axis camera gimbals mounted on car/vehicles. This next generation vibration isolator uses custom polymers instead of wire rope to dampen vibration from hard mounting such as car rigs, cranes and cable-cam trolleys. This is a system that lets you to go from different types of hardness and amount of polymers that allows for perfect tweaking of your setup weight, allowing the Isolator to work optimally. The solid Aluminum construction is designed to take gimbals such as DJI Ronin, Freefly Movi and cameras weighing within the range 5-15kg/11-33lb. The heavier camera payloads can be catered for with a heavy polymer set.

The package ships with one set of polymer shock modules and you can easily add more sets if you have a wide span of different gimbals you want to change between. However since the system easily lets you add and subtract the amount, you have a great range of freedom in weight span with optional polymer sets. It has over-slung & under-slung ability in shooting with shock absorber arm, camera crane or car mount scaffold system. The new polymer components provide excellent vibration isolation performance for more demanding applications while maintaining the simplicity and practicality that Proaim is known for. All in all, Proaim Pro Vibration Isolator is a huge step forward to help you produce the smoothest footage.


The Supportive Accessories are for Demonstration Purpose only

- Construction: High-grade Aluminum
- Load Capacity: 5-15kg/11-33lb (With 32 Polymer Rings)
                            : 3-10kg/6.6-22lb (With 24 Polymer Rings)
- Mounting Threads: 1/4", 3/8", M4 & M3
- Temperature Range: -20° to +50°
- Product Dimensions: Circle Dia- 250mm & H- 110mm
- Product Weight (without packing): 3.12kg / 6.87lb

- Proaim Pro Vibration Isolator
- Ronin Mounting Plate

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