Proaim Original Movie Clapperboard Film Slate (24.5x28 cm)

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Proaim big clapper board is a production slate made of white acrylic designed to be used with dry erase markers. It uses standard color clapper sticks to provide visual and audio sync points when using a separate device to record audio. The clapperboard, clapboard slate or film slate is the combination of the chalkboard slate that holds information identifying the next scene and the clap stick which is used to align sound and picture.


A clapperboard is a device used in filmmaking and video production to assist in the synchronizing of picture and sound, and to designate and mark particular scenes and takes recorded during a production. The sharp "clap" noise that the clapperboard makes can be identified easily on the audio track, and the shutting of the clap stick can be identified easily on the separate visual track.



- To identify all takes on a production
- Holds information identifying the next scene and the clapstick used to align sound and picture
- The sticks contain a small magnet to keep the sticks together when transporting
- White Acrylic with laser Engraved Letters and Lines
- Hand painted Clap Sticks Made of high grade Wood
- Metal hinge for long life durability of clapper
- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


slate board

Clapper Board Slate for Tv Film Movie,

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

-  White board material: Acrylic.
-  Dimension: 24.5x28 cm

-  Proaim big Clapper Board Slate

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