Proaim Mitchell Camera Low Hi-Hat with Board


Achieve Heroic Low-Angle Shots!
Mounts in Places where You Cannot Put a Tripod!
Smaller Footprint, Greater Stability, Payload: 500kg / 1100lb.

Proaim Mitchell Low Hi-Hat is a High-Strength video production tool that mounts at any place where it is difficult to fit a regular tripod. Versatile tool fits your workflow in the tightest or lowest of locations. It allows mounting all types of Mitchell video/cinema fluid heads to get great footage without shakes and vibrations. Low Hi-Hat facilitates Camera setup at ground level position to achieve extreme low angle cinematic shots . High-grade Aluminum constructed Mitchell Base camera height riser is capable of supporting heavy payload of 500kg / 1100lb. The Low Hi-Hat allows for Camera Placement in a highly Portable Package with endless creative possibilities; Place it low to the ground, on stairs, use Indoor / outdoor – take it anywhere & everywhere.
The Low Hi- hat comes mounted on an elegant and robust octagon board with handles - 18" x 18" in order to fit into tighter spaces. High quality laminated wood board can be weighted with sandbags for Utmost stability. Proaim Camera Low Hi-Hat with Board is ideal to use in every location making it super easy to get the shot you want.


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Construction: Mitchell Mount: High-Grade CNC Aluminum
              Octagon Board: High-Quality Laminated Wood Board
- Mounting: Mitchell Female (3 Keys)
- Load Capacity: 500kg / 1100lb
- Mitchel Mount Inner Dia: 70mm / 2.75"
- Leg Mounting: 3/8"-16
- Footprint Dia: 270mm / 10.62"
- Board Dimension: 18" x 18"
- Height with Board: 60mm / 2.35"
- Height without Board: 30mm / 1.18"
- Product Weight: 3.75kg / 8.27lb

- Proaim Mitchell Camera Low Hi-Hat with Board

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