Proaim Mitchell Base to Bowl Adapter

100mm & 150mm

SKU : BP-302-00

Professional Heavy Duty Mitchell-Bowl Adapter

Industry Standard Design. Quick Locking. Maximum Stability Assurance.

Mitchell Base to Bowl Adapters
(100mm & 150mm)

The Mitchell to Bowl Adapters act as intermediary that allows you to use Bowl-based 100mm/150mm fluid heads with Mitchell-based gear. Machined from precise CNC aluminum; it ensures a solid, stable and long lasting camera mount.

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Mitchell Top Plate

Proaim provides a variety of camera grip equipment to meet the needs of filming professionals. The Proaim Mitchell Top Plate is an all-purpose mounting solution for Mitchell accessories. The commercial-grade CNC Aluminum construction ensures stability and durability.


mitchell to bowl adapter

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- Construction: CNC made Aluminum
- Product weight (100mm): 1.30kg/2.8lb
- Product weight (150mm): 1.66kg/3.6lb
- Base: Mitchell Mount

- Proaim Mitchell Base to 100mm Bowl Adapter
- Proaim Mitchell Base to 150mm Bowl Adapter (Revised on 25-July-2019)
- Proaim Mitchell Top Plate

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