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Hello. We are open for business and delivering all parcels right to your doorsteps.
Hello. We are open for business and delivering all parcels right to your doorsteps.

Proaim Megagrip Car/Vehicle Camera Mount Kit


Ready for Every Action!

Extremely Stable Car Mount System - Heavy-duty yet Lightweight, Payload – 15kg/33lb

Leveling Camera Mount - Place Any Camera, in Any Position – Quickly & Easily!

Fully Adjustable & Extendable - Can be Used in a Variety of Configurations.

Designed For Film, Cinema & Broadcast Professionals!

The Proaim Megagrip Car Mount system allows you to mount your cinema camera on a car, truck, boat, or other non-porous surface. This is an all-in-one solution and usually requires no additional grip and rigging hardware. The complete system has 3 grippers which can be attached to any horizontal or vertical, flat surface. There are total 6 adjustable Rod Clamps with a selection of connecting rods of different lengths, so the mount can be used in a variety of positions.

The standard mount takes less than ten minutes to set up, saving valuable production time, with excellent stability. The payload both at still & running position is between 15kg / 33lb; and the vehicle driving at the maximum speed of 200km/h. It is a modular car grip and can be transformed into 4-gripper device, on request. The camera platform has numerous free holes to mount additional accessories as desired. With Proaim Megagrip car mounting system, your custom camera mount installations are limited only by your imagination!


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Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements



The high quality suction cups get easily affixed on any smooth non-porous surface with built-in spring-balanced pump with Pressure Warning Indicator. The Suction Cups allow quick & easy mounting of gripper to your car/vehicle. It comes with 3 suction cups and provides very strong gripping, which is necessary while working with expensive filmmaking equipment. Specially designed suction pads protect your vehicle from scratches or other damages.

CAUTION: Recheck Pump every 90 minutes. If the red line is visible, Re-pump the cup without losing the remaining vacuum, till the Red Line disappears.


The mini-ball leveling platform comes with 3/8" and 1/4" camera mounting plate, you can place your camera directly on it. The camera plate is adjustable, making it quick and simple to set the camera at any required angle, and can be locked down with knob.


The heavy-duty clamps are precisely-made of pressure die cast aluminum. There is 360° Pan & tilt adjustment which can be locked/unlocked via provided knobs. Each clamp is integrated with guide pin lock for extra safety.


The total of 6 aluminum rods accommodates various configurations as per your requirement. The 16mm rods come in 2 lengths – 12” & 24”. You can extend the length by joining another arm via provided rod connector.


The gripper can be secured on your vehicle with the tough-gripped safety belt.

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- Construction: High-grade CNC Aluminum
- Rod Clamps - Pressure Die Cast Aluminum
- Load Capacity (Still & Running): 15kg / 33lb
- Maximum Speed: 200 km/h
- Product Weight (without hard case): 9.66kg / 21.2lb
- Product Weight (with hard case): 16.8kg / 37lb
- Product Weight (with hard case + cardboard packing): 18.56kg / 40.9lb
- Cardboard Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 65x52x32cm
- Product Volume Weight: 21.6kg / 47.6lb

- Ball Leveling Camera Head
- 3 x 6” Suction Cups
- 3 x Silicone Dust Covers
- 6 x 360° Rod Clamps
- 3 x 12” Rods (16mm diameter)
- 3 x 24” Rods (16mm diameter)
- 3 x Rod Connectors
- 2 x Safety Belts
- 4 x Rubber Sleeves
- Hard Case

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