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Hello. We are open for business and delivering all parcels right to your doorsteps.
Hello. We are open for business and delivering all parcels right to your doorsteps.

Proaim MB-10 Lightweight Clip-On Matte Box

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Ultra-Light Mattebox
The Proaim MB10 is one of the Lightest Matte Boxes available today. The frame itself weighs only 0.107 grams while adding the rubber hood brings the total weight to 0.216 grams. The MB10 has been specifically designed for run-n-gun shooting, Steadicams, Gimbals and Drones..


The Best Filter Holder
The MB10 can hold two 4x5.65” or two 4x4” filters or a combination of both using the clamp on filter holder present at the front of the Matte Box frame. You can choose to just use it as a filter holder and take off the front hood when not required making it extremely light and easy to use. .


Wide Compatibility
The MB-10 matte box features an opening to clamp directly onto 114mm lenses. The MB10 comes with 3 high-grade Delrin Clamp-On Rings that steps down the 110mm opening to 95mm and 80mm. These rings enable you to use a wide range of lenses and still clamp the MB10 Matte Box safely and securely. They work as standard clamp-on rings, helping to secure the matte box to the lens while providing light protection with innovative Z-cuts. The Clamp-On Rings ensure your set up remains light and provide you with maximum durability.


A Light-Tight Seal
The Proaim MB-10 clamps safely and securely to the front of the lens, creating a light tight seal, ensuring that no light enters the lens from the back of the lens. It comes with a carbon fibre top flag that attaches to the built-in Port. The top flag helps in controlling the light entering the lens and also folds down flat to cover the front of the matte box/hood & protect your lens from any debris, dirt or dust on set.


Smart Assembly
The MB-10 gets ready for your Camera in the shortest time possible. Unlike other matte boxes, where you have to readjust the setup on zooming in/out your lens, the MB-10 saves a lot of valuable time. It attaches directly to the extendable lens part, so you no more need to worry about readjusting the matte box setup while zooming the lens in/out.


15mm Rod Adapter



The included 15mm Rod adapter allows you to convert MB-10 matte box from clip-on mount to rod-mount as and when needed. The aluminum adapter features industry-standard 15mm rod mount. The adapter attaches to the bottom of the matte box to make it usable for multi-purposes within different setups.



Hood: Rubber

Frame: Metal

Top Flag: Carbon Fiber

Rings Clamps: CNC Delrin Machined

Filters size

4x4" or 4x5.65"

Suitable lens diameter

  80mm , 95mm and 105mm

Product Weight (without packing)

  5.860kg / 12.91lb


Rubber Hood with Metal Frame
15mm Rod Adapter
Inbuilt Filter Holder
Carbon Fiber Top Flag
3 Clamp-On Rings:
Lens Cleaning Cloth

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