Proaim Grip Master Vibration Isolator Magnetic Car Mount

For 3-Axis Camera Gimbals - DJI Ronin, Movi Etc.


Ready for Every Action!
Vibration Isolator Magnetic Gripper System for 3-Axis Gimbals
Provides Ultimate Experience In Vehicular Stabilization.

Quick Installation, Modular, Safety for Car, Good Quality of Shooting & Easy Transportation

Proaim Grip-Master Cinema Car Mount!

Want to mount a heavier cinema camera on a car, truck, boat or any non-porous surface? Proaim Grip Master, a multipurpose modular magnetic car grip, promises to deliver a wide variety of smooth, professional looking shots in conjunction with some of the most popular 3-axis gimbal stabilizers such as the DJI Ronin/Ronin M/Ronin MX and Movi models, when attached to a vehicle. This is an all-in-one solution and usually requires no additional grip and rigging hardware. It can be deployed to its standard configuration and ready for your gimbal in under one minute. The maximum payload at still position is 30kg/66lb while at running position is 15kg/33lb; which is more than enough to handle a DJI Ronin gimbal along with a camera body and a few additional accessories on top; and the vehicle driving at the maximum speed of 200km/h. What makes the Grip Master markedly unique is the versatility of the parts and the degree of fine-tuning and customization possible.

Car Suction Mount Gripper for DJI Roning


Video is for demonstration only
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CNC Aluminum constructed Suction Cups with Strong magnets allow quick & easy mounting of gripper to your car/vehicle. It is equipped with special protective silicone pads to protect your vehicle from scratches or other damages.

Proaim Grip Master comes with 8 Magnetic Suction Cups with 6 magnets of diameter 25mm in each Suction Cup. There are a total 48 high power N52 neodium magnets with 500kg/1100lb pull power. It provides very strong gripping, which is necessary while working with expensive filmmaking equipment. You can use the number of Suction cups as per your set-up requirements. This powerful magnet gripping system completely protects your Camera, Gear & Car/Vehicle.

Gripper suction cup for Ronin car mount


This unique Vibration Isolator helps remove vibration and mechanical stress from camera gimbals mounted on vehicles. The Isolator system absorbs Jerky movements of the vehicle by utilizing strategically configured wire cables to support the gimbal and allow it to absorb inertial movements. This system is capable of leveling down outcome of vehicle moving on uneven road or rough terrains. The thickness of the wire cable is 5/16".

camera car mount with isolator and safety belt

The Isolator’s wide absorption range removes high frequency vibrations, while dampening low frequency oscillations. High frequency vibrations can be caused by motors, rotor blades, propellers, and anything that has fast moving parts. These can typically cause rolling shutter or 'jello' issues in the video. Lower frequency vibrations can be caused by a vehicle driving off road, or quick changes in direction. These movements can cause gimbal motors to 'slip' and throw off the stabilization. Also, if the camera is hard-mounted to the vehicle, any jerky moment will create huge amounts of stress on the gimbals bearings which cause permanent damage. The Vibration Isolator allows the gimbal to shift around and therefore reduce stress.

car mount with isolator

Wire modules can be removed for lighter camera systems

The Vibration Isolator is customizable to hold multiple payloads ranging in weight. This is achieved by removing the cable from module while using with lightweight gear.


The quick release plate adapter for DJI Ronin, Ronin M & Ronin MX allows you to mount your DJI Ronin conveniently and quickly. It is also compatible with standard grip-related cheese plates.

dslr car mount


It offers extreme versatility when shooting angled or vertical moves and is flawlessly adjustable from 0° to 90°.

camera gripper


Due to the adjustable steel bearings, you can easily control the angle of each arm which gives extra flexibility and allows users to attach the platform at multiple angles to virtually any part of the vehicle itself.

car suction cups


This modular-designed gripper with flexible rosette arms, allows you to build multiple setups as per your requirement, on the door or as close as possible to ground. Large, medium, small – three lengths of arms give creative mounting possibilities.

camera car Gripper mount


The gripper can be secured on your vehicle with the tough-gripped safety belt.


car mount with safety belt

car mount with safety belt

car mount with safety belt

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- High-grade CNC Aluminum Construction
- Magnets Pulling Force: 500kg / 1100lb
- Load Capacity Still: 30kg/66lb
- Load Capacity Running: 15Kg/33lb
- Max speed: 200 km/h
- Gimbal Mounting Plate for DJI Ronin / Ronin-M / Ronin-MX brushless gimbals INCLUDED
Note: Compatible with other Gimbals, but other mounting plates are Not Included.
- Product Weight: 9.8kg / 21.6lb (Complete with belt)
- Box Dimensions: 66cm x 55.5cm x 41cm
- Gross Weight: 26.6 Kg / 58.5lb
- Volumetric: 35 kg / 77lb

- 8 x Magnetic Suction Cups
- 8 x Silicone Dust Covers
- 4 x Small Rosette Arms (90mm)
- 4 x Medium Rosette Arms (120mm)
- 4 x Large Rosette Arms (150mm)
- 2 x Safety Belts
- Gimbal Vibration Isolator
- Ronin Mounting Plate
- Multi Angle Ronin Wedge Plate
- Flight Transport Case

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