Proaim G-Master Adapter for Steadycam Arm Vest & Camera Gimbals


Comfortable Longer Shootings with Increased Stability in Footage!
Designed to attach Steadycam Arm Vest to 3-Axis Gimbals like DJI Ronin/Freefly MōVI
Turns Motorized Gimbal into Body-Worn Stabilizer for Longer Stable Shootings
Provides Ultra-Smooth Workflow with Total Freedom!

Proaim G-Master Adapter is the perfect companion for operators using Steadycam Arm Vest with 3-Axis motorized gimbals including the DJI Ronin® and Freefly MōVI®. By attaching your motorized gimbal with an arm and vest – the operating load is taken off the arms of the operator allowing for longer durations of stable handheld video shooting. Increased stability in footage; the G-Master Adapter provides tilt axis stabilization, as well as z-axis stabilization from the Steadycam Arm.

You just need to swap out one of the handles of your gimbal and replace it with the G-Master. From there, the Proaim G-Master serves as the handle of your handheld motorized gimbal, but now advantageously equipped with an arm post for attaching a stabilizing arm. The G-Master Adapter easily transforms motorized gimbals into professional video stabilization camera rigs.

Gimbal Support Adapter



The G-Master gimbal mount comes standard with a post block having size 34mm and 2 Clamps of size 28mm and fits Steadycam Arm with 0.5inch / 12.7mm posts. The weight capacity for the G-Master depends on the weight capacity of the motorized gimbal & Steadycam arm vest being used.

3-Axis Handheld Steadicam

Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose.

- Construction: High Grade Aluminum
- Clamp Dimensions: 28mm & 25mm
- Arm Post Diameter: 34mm
- Vertical Adjustment Range: 80mm
- 4 Counterweight Bars: 100gram each
- Product Weight: 1.6kg / 3.5lb
- Arm Adapter Inner Dia: 16mm

- Proaim G-Master Gimbal Adapter
- 2 x Clamps (28mm)
- 2 x Clamps (25mm)
- 4 x Counterweight

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