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All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers can contact us and we will provide VAT Free pricing.  Learn More

Proaim 8ft Astra Camera Jib Crane (Used)

Condition : almost New with minimal wear & tear

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SKU : (JB-AS08-00)

Compact Camera Support for Creative Filmmaking - Proaim Astra Jib!

Achieve More Shot Stability & Dramatic Moving Shots Even In Challenging Conditions!

High Build Quality. Completely Tool-Less. Lightweight. Quick Setup. Most Affordable Jib Crane.

Invest In Quality and Add Inspiring Shots to Your Videos!

Our filmmaking dreams don't just sit on the ground so why should our cameras! Dramatic views and camera move instantly add to the production value of any project. Proaim has made an affordable camera crane accessible to independent filmmakers and videographers by launching a CNC Aluminum constructed Astra 4ft Jib. This Jib is so light and versatile that you'll want to make it an immediate part of your standard equipment whether you're shooting wedding videos, commercials on location, music videos in your studio or sporting events in a stadium.

Compact & Travel Friendly Jib


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• With the included camera plate you can mount a camera of practically any size weighing up to 8kg / 17.6lb.
• The camera mount automatically remains parallel to the ground for stable high angle shots. When you're ready to get more creative; unlock the manual tilt handle, and you can freely angle your camera for dramatic moving shots.
Pan your camera 360° to take in a massive Vista, then crane down to move your audience into the perfect shot.
• The "single rail" design makes it a lightweight crane and can be easily assembled by one person. It is complemented and made more stable by a second rail that accomplishes the tilt function.
LCD mounting arm allows adding your monitor easily to view live footage.
• The design is completely tool-less, therefore has an amazingly fast setup time.
• Putting your camera on a crane creates excitement and brings more professionalism to your film and video projects!


Best Travel Friendly Jib

Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- Robust Aluminum Construction
- Total Length of Jib: 8ft 9inch
- Support Cameras up to: 8kg / 17.6lb
- Self Balance: 3kg / 6.61lb
- Balncing on 1kg Camera: 8.5kg Counter Balance
- Camera Mounting Bolt: Free holes 1/4"-20
- Tripod Mounting: 1/4''-20 & 3/8''-16
- Product Weight (without packing): 7kg / 15.43lb
- Height Range From Ground Level: 7ft when Stand in Minimum Height at 4ft
                                                              : 8ft 9inch when Stand in Maximum Height at 5.8ft

  • Proaim Astra Camera Jib
  • LCD Mounting Bracket
  • Storage Case

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