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All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at https://business.proaim.be/ to get VAT Free pricing.  

All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at https://business.proaim.be/ to get VAT Free pricing.  

Flycam C5 - Carbon Fiber Camera Stabilizer with Arm Brace

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Loaded with incredible features Flycam proudly unveils its most lightweight & portable carbon fiber Camera stabilizer that allows you to capture flawless, graceful, superior, money shots. Flycam C5 handheld Stabilizer is light-body hybrid multi-function stabilizer for latest DSLR cameras and camcorders weighing up to 6 kg. Flycam precision camera mounting platform includes scaling head with quick release plate that offers quick mounting and dismounting of your Steadycam. The wheelbarrow ensures a smooth 360degree rotational motion. Telescopic sled with unique weight disc design offers you to adjust vertical balance. It represents an affordable way to put your compact camcorder on a floating platform, enabling you to capture the types of professional handheld shots that add dynamic flair to any video production.

handheld stabilizer

NOTE: Handle's Foam Design may vary according to the availability.


(Revised on 7-Dec-2017)

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Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements


Quick Release Plate with Inbuit Scaling
Camera quick release plate has both 1/4" and 3/8" mounting bolts to hold various camera bases. You can make the adjustments using both the horizontal and vertical axis & Inbuilt Scaling for micro adjustment. This modern feature let you again balance the camera at the desired setting, not more than 30 second.

X & Y Balancing Adjustment
Camera Platform moves back & front, and side to side, for easy horizontal camera balance. It has a zip lock feature that allows faster assembly compared to other hand held stabilizers. Micro head comes with gear and screw technology for adjusting X & Y-axis for quick and precise balancing. It offers an unobtrusive support with installation being six times faster than traditional methods.

Adjustable 3-Axis Gimbal with Foam Cushioned Handle
Precisely constructed three-axis adjustable gimbal has ball bearings which provide rotational camera control with easy ‘on axis’ movements.It also allows low mode operation. The foam cushioned handle that is attached with the gimbal makes handheld shooting comfortable.

Balancing the Camera
The Base Platform contains weight discs that help in maintaining dynamic balance of the stabilize Or Easily Add or remove weights as your camera’s need.

Carbon Fiber Telescopic Sled
Hi tensile strength Carbon Fiber construction for lightweight, durable performance you can count on. The carbon fiber stablizier extends from 58cm to a full rise height of 85cm.

Telescopic Post
In order to adjust the camera's vertical balance you can adjust the length of telescoping Central Post, when balanced properly the camera floats, ready for your shooting. The carbon fiber handheld stabilizer extends from 58cm to a full rise height of 85cm.

video stabilizer

Wrist Arm Brace

Steady Cam Arm Brace is very useful accessory for long duration shootings. It not only provides the operator with cushioned comfort while shooting, but also eliminates the torque, which would otherwise cause stress on the operator's wrist.

camera stabilizer

Split design allows more airflow


smoothshot stabilizer

Adds grace and fluidity to your work

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

-  Carbon Fiber lightweight construction.
-  Accepts cameras up to 6kg/13.2lbs
-  Telescopic Post extends from 58cm to a full rise height of 85cm
-  Camera Mounting screws: 1/4" and 3/8"
-  No of weight disc- 10
-  Weight of each disc-110gm
-  Product weighs -2.840 (with weight disc)
-  Cushioned comfort wrist Arm brace
-  Arm Support Outer Dia - 18.44mm (upper) and 21.70mm (bottom)

-  Flycam C5 Carbon fiber Handheld Stabilizer (FLCM-C5)
-  Arm Brace (FLCM-AB)
-  Storage Bag

Q. Does this steadicam come with the counterweight?
Ans : Yes, this steadicam comes with counter weight plates i.e. 5 weights for each side.

Q. Is it compatible with the arm and vest?
Ans : Yes it is compatible with the Arm & Vest. There are two options for Arm & vest for this camera stabilizer i.e.
i) Comfort Arm & Vest : Flycam Comfort Arm & Vest Camera Stabilization System
ii) Galaxy Arm & Vest : Flycam Galaxy Steadycam Arm & Steadycam Vest

Q. Does it come with a protector bag ?
Ans : Yes, this Flycam CFC5 includes the foam packaging with bag.

Q. Can I mount LCD Monitor with this Flycam CFC5?
Ans : Yes, you can mount the LCD monitor onto the weight plate of Flycam CFC5. You need to remove the weights from one side to which you want to mount the LCD monitor.

Q. What's the maximum weight capacity?
Ans : This Flycam CFC5 can take the cameras weighing upto - 6kg/13.2lbs

Q. Will the Flycam CFC5 handheld video stabilizer work with a glidecam arm brace or do I have to purchase the flycam arm brace?
Ans : Yes, the Flycam CFC5 Stabilizer will work with glidecam arm brace.

Q. If my camera plus accessories are overweight, what options do I have? Can I add more counter weights?
Ans : Flycam CFC5 can bear upto 6kg/13.2lbs. You can add more counter weights for total weight upto 14lbs only. If the weight of your setup is more than 14lbs, we suggest you to purchase Flycam Redking for perfect balance as it can bear weight upto 7 kg/15.4 lbs.

Q. How long can I use the steadicam before I get tired? Do I need the Arm & Vest with this?
Ans : This Flycam CFC5 camera steadycam weighs only 3 kgs and so can be holded easily for long time but for more comfort you can use it with Arm Support and Body vest. Following are the options for it :
Arm Brace :Flycam Arm Brace support
Body Pod :FLYCAM Body Pod
Comfort Arm & Vest :Flycam Comfort Arm & Vest Camera Stabilization System
Galaxy Arm & Vest : Flycam Galaxy Steadycam Arm & Steadycam Vest

Q. What is the weight of Flycam CFC5?
Ans : The weight of Flycam CFC5 with weight plate is approx. 3 kg

Q. Anyone know if this arm brace will fit a newer S100 or Glidecam 4000 stabilizer?
Ans : The Flycam Arm Brace will perfectly work with all the camera stabilizers having the handle’s internal diameter of 19mm and 22mm.

Q. Does the arm brace work for left handed people?
Ans : Yes, it will perfectly work for Left handed people too.

Q. What is the post diameter of this arm brace?
Ans : This arm brace post has the outer diameter of 18.5mm and 21.7mm and can easily accommodate the stabilizers having the handle’s internal diameter of 19mm and 22mm.

Q. Will it fit my body size 54-56”? Up to what waist size the body pod can easily fit ?
Ans : The Body Pod will fit to the sizes as follows :
Minimum Waist Size : 34 inches
Maximum Waist Size : 48 inches

Q. What is the maximum and minimum length of the rod?
Ans : We provide two rod extensions of 5.5 inches and 9 inches with this body pod.
maximum Length with 5.5 inches extension : 10 inches
minimum Length with 5.5 inches extension : 9 inches

maximum Length with 9 inches extension : 13.5 inches
minimum Length with 9 inches extension : 7.5 inches

Q. Does wearing a vest or body pack make flycam setup more light?
Ans : Yes it does help, however the most important part of stabilization is first balancing the flycam initially. That would mean placing all items that will be used on the day of shooting (ie, Monitor, Battery, Camera, Lens, Wires, additional mounts, etc) for proper accuracy in the balancing process. It will take some time to correctly balance, but once you have the correct balance of the stabilizer, the arm and vest will be extremely helpful in the final stabilization .

Q. Is your body pod compatible with my Glidecam HD-2000?
Ans : Yes, this body pod will perfectly work with any stabilizer having the handle’s internal diameter of 22mm.

Q. Is it enough strong to bear steadicam weight ?
Ans : Yes. It is sturdy enough and will perfectly bear the steadicam weight.

Q. Is it returnable for a full refund if it doesn’t meet my expectations upon delivery?
Ans :Yes, absolutely. We always backup our sales. In case, you don't like the product, we take it back within 14 days and you get a 100% refund.

Q. What is the warranty?
Ans : We provide 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Items which are covered by the warranty period will be replaced at no cost to the customer. Replacement parts of the product will be provided at nominal cost (covering the cost price of the replacement parts only) to the customers after the Warranty Period has expired.

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