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All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

All prices on the website are VAT inclusive. B2B customers (except Belgium) can visit at to get VAT Free pricing.  

FLYCAM 3000 Handheld Video Stabilizer (Used)

Supporting Cameras weighing upto 3.5kg / 8lbs with Free Unico Quick Release Plate
Condition : almost New with minimal wear & tear

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Flycam 3000 Steadycam HAS BEEN on invaluable, Dynamic Production tool in the industry. It is designed to Provide supplemental camera protection and handling options during extreme shooting. This steadycam is tough and offers protection to shield your camera from unexpected impact. It is lightweight and Allows You can make fast, smooth changes at extreme angles.

Lightweight camera stabilizer


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- Quick and easy to set up and balance.
- Flycam 3000 Video Cam Stabilizer accepts camera upto 3.5kg / 7.7lbs.
- Precision Aluminum made.
- Can be used as a monopod.
- No-tools telescoping base.
- Adjustable weight discs allow Dynamic balance.
- Easily attach a small LCD monitor with Flycam 3000 cam stabilizer when needed.

Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements


Flycam Steadycam

Intelligently designed for electrifying results

Steadycam Stabilizer

Rugged construction provides your camera stability and balance

FLYCAM-3000 HANDHELD Steadycam
This lightweight and hand-held Steadicam system Allows you to shoot incredibly smooth action shots, even when running up and down stairs. Fluid framing and camera movement controlled from the palm of your hand with picture perfect results. It is made for all beginners, and seasoned professionals alike amatures. They will welcome the stability and flexibility It provides. For corporate communications, Weddings, non-broadcast recording or familyevents the Flycam 3000 Provides results like no other.

Camera Stabilizer gimbal

Ensures surprisingly efficient stabilization


The Camera has basePlate Both 1/4 "and 3/8" mounting slots (holes) to allow most camera bases. You can slide your camera on Both the horizontal and vertical axis using the thumbscrews to adjust your horizontal balance.

Video Camera Stabilizer


Moves back to front, and side to side, quickly allow you to adjust the horizontal balance of the camera. . By varying the counterweight discs on the base platform you can adjust the camera's vertical balance. When balanced properly the camera floats, ready for you to move into action.

Flycam camera stabilizer


- Wheel barrow bearing provides smooth rotational ‘on axis’ movement.
- Grip swivels left and right from the bolt
- Angle bracket enables grip to move up and down for easy vertical movement.

Camera Stabilizer gimbal


The handle of Flycam 3000 video cam stabilizer is easy to grip and easier to use. Move it side-to-side According to your need. The Comfort Foam Grip makes it easy on the hands and supplies slip free control.

DSLR Steadicam


- Our Flycam 3000 Video Stabilizer system works on the platform of counter weights for camera balance.
- Add or remove weights as needed.
- All aluminum weights fit 4 'cups' for storage and mounting by using screws.

Steadycam Stabilizer

Quick release adapter is capable of holding medium format DSLR cameras and scopes. The reversible camera mount and extra large mounting plate make it a best choice for Professional Photographers.

Flycam Steadycam


-  Reversible Quick Release Plate - more convenient for camera mounting.
-  Accepts Both 1/4 "or 3/8" mounting screw size.
-  Extra Wide Mounting Platform.

DSLR Camera Stabilization

Lightweight camera stabilizer

Hi tensile strength aluminum construction for lightweight, durable performance You Can Count On. Flycam 3000's Telescopic post extends from 40cm to a full rise height of 58cm to adjust the balance weight of the camera. By varying the amount of Counterweights on the Base Platform, or by changing the length of the no-tools telescoping Central post, you adjust the camera's vertical balance. When balanced properly the camera floats, ready for you to move into action.

Video Stabilizer

Invaluable, Dynamic Production tool with height adjustment feature


Handheld Stabilizer

Stable and smooth support when shooting from any position

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- Head Plate 6 "x 4.25" x .75 "
- Mid plate 4.5 "x 4 "
- Bottom Plate 4 "x 4 "
- Base Platform 4 "x 10" ss
- Sixteen counterweight discs
- Four weight holders
- Counter weight discs average 2.8 ounces
- Universal camera plate with 1/4 "and 3/8" holes
- Black Anodized Aluminum
- CNC machined
- handle Double bearing
- fatigue resisting padded handle
- Easily movable Control
- Weighing capacity: 3.5kg / 7.7lbs

- Material: Magnesium Alloy
- Color: Matt Black
- Dimension: 135 * 72 * 20mm
- Self Weight: 135g (0.30 lbs)
- Max. Load Capacity: 5kg (11 lbs)

- Flycam 3000 Handheld Video Stabilizer (FLCM-3000)
- Free Unico Quick Release Plate (FLCM-UQR)
- Storage Bag

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