Diat 71" Professional Heavy Duty Video Tripod with Fluid Drag Head

SKU : A203LKS10

Diat comes forward with its new high achiever combo of sturdy tripod and fluid head, built for demanding world of film productions. Made of rugged, heavy-duty aluminum, it is an extremely stable platform with an incredible height range of 71" that provides extraordinary stability to your professional cameras. The sturdy legs incorporate horizontal lock levers for safe and secure height adjustment. The durable fluid head provides the control needed to produce videos with smooth pans, controlled tilts and seamless transitions.

- Weight : 3.80kg (8.36lbs)
- Max. Load : 7kg/15.4lbs
- Max. Height : 1800mm
- Folded Length : 820mm
- Geheral Screw : 1/4" & 3/8"
- Material : Aluminum Magnesium Alloy
- Type of Head : Three Dimensional Hydraulic
- Sections : 3
- Locking Type : Knob Type

- Packing Box
- Tripod Bag
- A203LKS10
- Handle
- Accessories (Containing instructions. Certificate, Warranty Card)

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