AVOLON KIKA-S LED Head (Incl 4 Griths)

SKU : LKH3001

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The KIKA is highly popular as the most lightweight lantern on the market with the same specs as all other AVOLON products. Its spherical shape offers the ultimate in soft lighting results in 360°. The lightweight unit can easily be operated on a boom over 10 Ft, with 24 battery power offering unlimited mobility. The kit includes 4 different fabric coverings, Full, Half , Quater and half black Since the KIKA is always used near microphones, Avolon’s trademark no-noise feature makes this unit invaluable value.

- Height open: 50cm
- Height closed: 62cm
- Dimensions: 60cm
- Product weight: 1.820Kg / 4.012lb - Power: 72Watt
- Beam angle: 360°
- Voltage AC: 110–220 V / 50–60 Hz
- CRI Extended: > 95 CRI @5600°K

- AVOLON KIKA-S LED Head (Incl 4 Griths)


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