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Proaim™ 9FT Camera Jib with Jr. Pan-Tilt Head, Stand and 12V Power Pack


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  1. Highly Recommended
    review by Martha

    Incredible!! ! I don't know what to say. So simple to set up, dismantle and every shot with it is stunning. I recommend everyone planning to make a jib or get one, just purchase this. It is cost effective and is compatible with my over 10 lb camera. Other jibs I've got before this one would likely break or twist, and absolutely nothing about them were smooth.

  2. Super!
    review by Alessandro

    We needed a lighter and faster alternative to our 21 foot Crane and decided to pick up the Proaim 9ft with all the bells and whistles. We still use our huge crane for heavier rigs but this is just a dream to setup and use with smaller cameras. I can set this up in about 5 mins and spend more time planning my shots. This is perfect for event and wedding videographers alike. For the price, this is a great value. I would recommend this to anyone and their customer service is outstanding. Thumbs up!

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  Weighing Capacity  8 kg (17.6lbs) (15lbs)
 Material Used  CNC made Aluminum Powder Coated
  Jib Arm Break downs into  2 Parts
  Camera Mounting Bolt  ¼”-20 and 3/8”-16
 Length of Jib sections  3. 5ft each
 Jib Section Jointers  Silver Aluminium
 Camera Tilt Angles  Upto 180 degree
 Locking Pin  Stainless steel locking pin for stable or tilt camera angles
 Height Range from ground level  9ft while tripod adjusted at height range of 5.5ft
 Jib Arm Shape  Rectangle
 Camera Mount plate  Rectangle( 10.5cm X 9cm )
 Length from tripod to Camera Mount  5ft
 Horizontal Movement  No
 Vertical Movement  Yes
  Vertical Movement Lock  No
  Pan Lock (For Jib)  No
  Tilt Lock (For Jib)  No
 Weight Holder Rod  Made of MS Nickel chrome,
 Length : 355mm Dia : 25mm
  Weight Closures  2pc. Made of MS Nickel chrome
  Extendable  Upto 12ft only (One Extra section of 3ft )
 LCD Mount Provision  Yes
 Weight  10 kg

  Add Counter Weights in the rear section of Jib according to Camera and Pan Tilt Head weight as per this chart :  The jib has a varying weight ratio depending on the length you have chosen.

 The 9ft jib arm itself balances at about 3kg. Just multiply the weight, of the additional items you will put on the end of the arm, by 3 and you will know how much weight to buy.

 Buy a few extras in case you add other accessories.


-  Made of Aluminum Black anodized
-   Base spread - 32"- 48"
-  Height adjustment - 44"- 80"
-  Completely collapsed height - 46"
-  Outer Dia of top part of Stand - 50mm
-  Makes the camera jib arm stable & solid as a rock
-  Safety Pin for Secure Pole
-  Weight capacity of the stand is 200lbs (90kg)

 Pan Tilt Head Material  High Grade Aluminium
  Maximum Camera Package Load Capacity  5kg (Included Head
 Pan movement  360 degrees
 Tilt movement  360 degrees
 Speed  Variable-controlled speed from 6 degrees/sec (low speed) to 51 degrees/sec (high speed)
 Slowest Speed : 2 minutes
 Highest Speed : 7 seconds
 Motors  Two high torque, coreless DC motors that rotates (pans) and tilts the head 360 degrees
 Gears  2- Brass Small Gears (Dia- 14mm),
  2- Brass Small Pan Gear (Dia-22mm)
  Minimum height of head  18.5 inches
 Maximum height of head  22 inches
 AC Adapter input  AC 100 - 240V ; output - DC 12V -2A
 Cable Length  7.5 meter
 Cable Connector  4-Pin XLR
 Battery Cable  3 Meter long
 Weight of Pantilt head  3kg
  Box Dimensions  52 X 34 X 18 cm

 Joystick Controller  2-Axis
 Connectors  2x 4-Pin XLR male connectors
 Pan/Tilt Direction  Yes
 Upgraded with   Damping knob
 Weight  800 grms

-   Proaim 9ft Camera Jib with Jib Stand
-  Proaim Jr. Pan Tilt Head
-  Joystick control
-  Camera Jib Stand
-  LCD Monitor Arm
-  FREE Proaim Lanc Zoom Controller (P-ZC-3DV)
-  Power Pack
-  Storage Bag