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Filmcity DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig Kit

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  1. A must for a low price!
    review by Laura1414

    Before I received my product I was pretty skeptical. Such a low price could not have predicted such a good product. Finally I am pleasantly surprised and am not disappointed with my purchase!
    I needed an easy to use and lightweight tool to make a movie promoting my company. I was able to achieve a smooth outlet thanks to the cuffs that offer good stability. And, the shoulder support is top! One can film on a long duration without having pain!

  2. Great quality gear for all skill levels
    review by Mark

    The rails for the rig are threaded at both ends and have removable caps so essentially you can just take the extension off to break it down from a shoulder rig to a hand rig. Entire thing is aluminum besides the handles, camera mount dial, and matte box. It was interesting that every hole on the cage is threaded (super nice!!!). My canon 80d fits perfect, the follow focus was way precise than I thought. I took it for a test run just as a hand held and I can say it is sturdy as I wanted it to be. I will be updating my review after a couple months of testing, so far this is a wonderful rig!!!!

  3. Incomparable results
    review by Luke

    I still cannot believe I got this product for this price. I’ve seen TV crews use this for shooting the news, this is so high-quality, for this price, I just don’t know how they can put this on the market like that. A bit about the product: it works with almost any kind of camera, DSLR or full, it has two hand grips in the front, allowing for perfect stability with every shot, it’s fully adjustable for the cameras and the shoulder. The shoulder pad is super soft; you will not feel any discomfort for hours when you work with it. Included in the package are a matte box, the camera cage, and also three bonus accessories, a wire organizer clamp, a z-bracket and a handle bracket. . I absolutely recommend this product enough and I am sure you’ll definitely be hooked forever after working with it. The results are incomparable, the shots are just unbelievable.

  4. A must buy for professionals
    review by Brooke

    The strong cage with the soft grip is a very good feature. Allows long duration shooting without much exhaustion. It’s very useful and a great feature to me as I shoot for long hours. The shoulder pad can also be set easily according to comfort. Convenience is the key feature here making it a standout. My DSLR got fit on the base plate easily. A must buy for professionals.

  5. I highly recommend this if you are serious about making a film!
    review by ILIASS

    If you are serious about making movies, you know how exhausting it can get with a camera all day ... and sometimes holding it even more. So I went ahead and made me a DSLR rig kit cage shoulder and the rest is what you say is history! This thing is just incredible! Enables me to hold the camera for hours, it is extremely comfortable and allows me to have the creativity that I need to do my very awesome movie! I highly recommend this if you are serious about making a film that wants to be taken seriously!

  6. Take the step up to pro
    review by Stevo

    When I wanted to step up amateur filmmaking I needed a solution to allow me to use the camera all day without getting tired. The Filmcity DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig Kit was the perfect choice. It is so flexible and light that I can use it for hours without feeling like I am carrying a big weight. It is so stable that it gets rid of all the vibration and unwanted movement that would otherwise spoil the shot. I feel like a pro now!

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- Material - Polyamide resin
- Standard Camera mount thread setting of 1/4" - 20
- 1/4" - 20 for Tripod Mounting
- Accessory Mounting Threads: 1/4”-20
- Aluminum black anodized 15mm Rods
- Center to Center span of 60mm
- Outer dia of Mattebox -95mm
- Follow Focus Gear Arm adjustable distance - 55 mm
- Follow focus gear Diameter- 40mm
- Fit Rail Distance - 60 mm
- Fit Rail Diameter - 15 mm
- Magnetic marking disk
- Dial Index Adjustment - 360 degrees
- Dial Outside Diameter - 90mm (of white outer wheel)

- Filmcity Shoulder Rig
- Camera cage with Top Handle
- Filmcity HS-2 Follow focus
- MB-600 Matte Box
- 3x 300mm Female threaded Rods
- 2x 300mm Male threaded Rods
- 2x 200mm Female threaded Rods
- 2x 150mm Male threaded Rods
- Free Wire organizer Clamp
- Free Z-Bracket